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(9b) Acolyte Carp Double top 2 Kit

(9b) Acolyte Carp Double top 2 Kit

€ 119.00

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The Acolyte Ghost Double Top 2 Kit is identical in action to the standard Acolyte Double Top 2 Kit but comes with a Ghost Tip.
This tip section has a special light-grey finish that has been designed for wary fish that could potentially be spooked by a pole tip waving over their heads.
The same 2.89m length as a standard Acolyte kit but with a very clever extra joint in the No2 section.
This allows you to elasticate one and a half sections of pole, rather than just the No1 (tip) or the combined No1 and No2 sections.
Importantly, the top kit is still the same fishable length as a standard kit.
The top half of the No2 section is also fitted with a Side Pull Slot.

  • Length: 2.89m
  • Sections: Three
  • Weight: 50g
  • Side Pull Slot: yes
  • Elastic rating: up to red 18–20 Carp Bungee
  • Compatible with: Acolyte, Acolyte Carp, Acolyte Margin Carp, Series 7

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